The New Art: Tattoo Designs

January 10, 2012 | Category: Tattoo DesignsTags: , , |

Are you an artist who is tired of drawing on your sketchpad? Fed up of brushing that canvass? Bored of etching with the same ole pencil and paper? Well then, if it’s a yes, why don’t we suggest a different kind of art for you wherein instead of using a pencil or a brush you use a needle and your paper or canvass is human flesh. This is the new art, making tattoo designs.

There are many artists who have made their artworks in human flesh. Certainly their creativity has gone beyond some expectations. The designs of artists vary from the smallest design like a flower to the largest ones like half-body pictures of people and everything else in between. From time to time people also request the artists to put these tattoos in different parts of the body. As the tattoos become more unique so are the locations of where to place the tattoo.

Artists create tattoo designs differently according to their mood or liking. Abstraction tattoos made by artists are mostly done in shades of black and classic gray. This type of tattoo design is commonly made around the navel, chest, calves, arms and upper back. These tattoos also include tribal style, Old English lettering and Chinese symbols.

Naturalistic Tattoos is in the name itself. The artist wants to make the tattoo look natural. These tattoo designs are very detailed. The artist really must take time with all the shading to make it really look as realistic as possible. Naturalistic tattoos commonly comprise of faces. This type of tattoo though has a price.

Dedication Tattoos or ‘pledges’ are involved in the use of the sailor-based designs. Examples would be like that of the name banner, ship name, and the insignia of a military regiment. This tattoo design too asks for a reasonable price.

Simplification Tattoos do not have any limiting boundaries in its designs. Anything under the sun can be its design. Any shape, size, and color can be included in this type. From the heart designs and stars to animals and flowers, the range of design in simplification tattoos is quite wide. Animals are usually the most common designs in standard simplification tattoos.

Complex Tattoos are much more intricate in its design and style. As its name suggests it is a combination of tattoos. Because of this, it makes them much more impressive than other types of designs. The most popular complex tattoos comprise of traditional Japanese body suits and combinations of different images.

Some artists have been very ambitious. Some designs are very unique and can definitely fool the human eye. Most of the times, it is meant to fool the human eye for fun. There are different tattoo designs that fit for different personalities. You can choose from over 50,000 online tattoo designs.