Ink Master Come Back – The Crying Game

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Hello my name is Christine Guadagno. I was on the first episode of Ink Master, I was Jeremy Miller’s “human canvas” …yes that was me crying.
I have had a terrible experience with my back and I ended up with a mess. I went on Ink Master hoping to get it covered up and I was given the opportunity to…I was super nervous because my wedding was one month away and I didn’t want it to look any worse than it already did. Since I left the show, Ink Master was kind enough to pay a tattoo shop in Staten Island to finish what Jeremy started. My back is healing beautifully and I absolutely love it. Jeremy’s interview seemed like he was super pissed at me and I want to apologize for being “the worst client he ever had.” I don’t know if it was my nerves, the stress of the wedding, the cameras or just pure pain but I really love the idea he brought to the table and I love what he started on me. I have many other tattoos and for some reason none hurt like my back did. I’m glad I’m finished now and the person who completed my tattoo is an amazing artist-Liz Manzolini from Bullseye Tattoos (
I am writing this, hoping that some way the message gets to Jeremy. I appreciate his art, I am very happy with what he was able to do on me and I hope he’s not offended that someone else finished it. I know he is mad at me and I just want to apologize.
I also would love to be able to show the world-after reading all the blogs that said I was a pussy, a cry baby, a loser, a whiny bitch, a bad client, “how could I be in that much pain?,” a liar, etc., etc.,-that my tattoo was completed and it looks awesome thanks to Jeremy and Liz.


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